Hoffmann & Kahleyss

Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss first met when they were both working for Peter Maly. In 2006 Birgit Hoffmann founded her own company with a focus on furniture design and interior design in Hamburg, which she now operates with Christoph Kahleyss. While other designers define themselves through their own style, this dynamic duo from Hamburg prefers furniture design that emphasizes the existing identity of their client. They have succeeded in this admirably with their first pieces of furniture for JANUA: The BC 01 sideboard was designed with the aim of facilitating as many different configurations as possible with one core element. The second result of this successful cooperation with JANUA is he BC 02 table, which combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship in a masterful way. JANUA expects many more enriching ideas and inspirations from this long-term cooperation.

Cabinets / BC 01
Cabinets / BC 04
Tables / BC 02 Cantina
Desks & Accessories / BC 03
Coffee - and Sidetables / BC 05 Stomp

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