BC 02 Cantina


A modern interpretation of traditional home decor: The BC 02 table was designed for JANUA by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss. Produced using timber-frame components and modelled on a Rhone table, the BC 02 unites outstanding design and traditional values.
The BC 02 table can be produced as a dining table or as a high table. Its base frame and its footer are adapted proportionally. In addition, the base frame is available with or without a cross. Thanks to its superb manual finish and its classic modern form language, the BC 02 will stand out in a range of very different living environments.

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Tables / BC 02 Cantina

length width height
180 cm 110 cm 110 cm
200 cm 110 cm 110 cm
220 cm 110 cm 110 cm
240 cm 110 cm 110 cm
260 cm 110 cm 110 cm
280 cm 110 cm 110 cm
300 cm 110 cm 110 cm