Stefan Knopp

Stefan Knopp knows how to carve out the unique history of every single tree trunk like no other wood artist. Guided by the desire to give an original entity form, Stefan Knopp has endlessly experimented with materials and colours. His processing methods and his surface treatment are considered to be unique and fit almost seamlessly into the design language of JANUA. This is also true for the surface of the SK 01 Monolith, which JANUA has adapted for different pieces of furniture. This one-of-a-kind surface finish is available at JANUA. In addition, the Stefan Knopp´s special surface treatment has received a lot of praise from our customers: More JANUA furniture with this unique processing technique are already being planned.

Accessoires / SK 07 Ritual
Coffee - and Sidetables / SK 02
Coffee - and Sidetables / SK 03
Tables / SK 01 Monolith
Tables / SK 04 Komposit
Tables / SK 08 Butterfly

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