Bistro table rectangular


Janua´s bistro table range features solid wood, square tabletops in a thickness of 4 cm. These bistro tables can be completely dismatled for space-saving transport and storage. The solid wood tabletops have metal profiles milled and screwed into them on the underside to stabilise the structure. These metal profiles are designed in a way which allows the wood to move. For contract us, all wooden surfaces can be delivered with a B1 coating. The tabletop is mounted on a metal frame with two square legs, a base plate and two mounting plates. In addition to the range of standard wooden finishes, custom surfaces are also possible – please contact our technical department for more on this. The same applies for the steel frames of the bistro tables. Additional features like bevels, electrical connectivity etc. can also be added on request.

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Tables / Bistro table rectangular

length width height
120 cm 70 cm 75 cm
120 cm 80 cm 75 cm
140 cm 90 cm 75 cm
140 cm 100 cm 75 cm