BB 12 Clamp


The BB 12 bench exemplifies the philosophy of the JANUA collection clearly: To ensure integrated, complete solutions, a counterpart for the BB 11 Clamp table was created. This enables a combined solution for a consistent look. The proportions of the BB 12 bench were based on the proportions of the table. The length of the table’s truss matches that of the bench. They are available in four different sizes. The only difference between the two pieces of furniture lies in the omission of the “Clamp principle”: The seat of the bench is glued with an accentuated V-joint. This detail means the design of the BB 12 bench parallels that of the BB 11 Clamp table, creating a harmonious overall impression. The feet are not clamped to the plate, but bolted from underneath the plate.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Benches / BB 12 Clamp

length width height
180 cm 43 cm 45 cm
200 cm 43 cm 45 cm
220 cm 43 cm 45 cm
240 cm 43 cm 45 cm
260 cm 43 cm 45 cm
280 cm 43 cm 45 cm
300 cm 43 cm 45 cm