BB 21 Strap

Shelving Systems

What does a shelf need? Boards, supports and fixtures. The BB 21 Strap is based on this simple but compelling principle: The tailor-made shelves are friction-locked with an innovative belt system. In addition, vertical connecting elements, in which the lock is perfectly integrated, have been created from solid wood. The unique form of the fixture and its different coloured belts mean it comes across as both uniquely innovative and homely. The typical JANUA variance is a given: It is designed in two different heights and the coloured straps can be easily replaced as needed. So in a few easy steps you can create a new, colourful feel in a living room or an office interior. The BB 21 Strap is the first lowboard from JANUA and continues the spirit of the collection in a shelf.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Shelving Systems / BB 21 Strap

length width height
180 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
200 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
220 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
240 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
260 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
280 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm
300 cm 33 cm 2,5 cm