SC 49


JANUA is also consistent in its construction of cabinets: While most furniture manufacturers avoid solid wood in this area, JANUA remains faithful to this valuable material. And so, with its various types of wood and its compact dimensions, the SC 49 is a visual treat. It fits in any small apartment, while offering more space due to the versatility of its interior. The numerous combinations of features can be flexibly assembled, meaning the SC 49 offers as much storage space as a larger cabinet. So, for example, a clothes rail can be mounted under the shelf and steplessly adjusted in height. There is also a drawer unit under the shelf that can be positioned freely. There are three different handles and two different types of legs available. The design of the interior also offers lots of space and options – like many other JANUA pieces, the SC 49 apartment cabinet can be customized to meet the wishes of the user.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Cabinets / SC 49

length width height
105 cm 60 cm 175 cm

length width height
105 cm 60 cm 180 cm