SC 47


The SC 47 kitchen cabinet is a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics, functionality and flexibility. At a width of just 80 cm, it offers as much storage space as a sideboard of 200 cm in length. Inside, in the typical JANUA spirit of versatility, the SC 47 offers a range of options: The borehole rows mean the shelves can be freely positioned. Cutlery or other accessories can easily be stored in a drawer integrated on the underside of the shelf. The front, which is crafted in solid wood, has handle-less doors, thus giving the SC 47 kitchen cabinet an extremely attractive appearance from the outside. This is especially true when two cabinets made of the same wood are placed beside each other; together, they pack a double visual punch that is maximally effective in larger rooms. The front is always produced from the same trunk – a good example of how JANUA brings together series production, hand-crafting and customer-oriented commissioned work.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Cabinets / SC 47

length width height
180 cm 47 cm 135 cm

length width height
180 cm 47 cm 140 cm